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Sintra Tea Cup, White Sand


Every cLAy x BE. piece is handmade to our version of perfection at the heart of our home base in California.


The variation of hues, and organic size, shapes and speckles, are all vary from individual piece to piece. Edges are left natural; exposing a soft earthy tone. Our beautiful one-of-a-kind ceramic plates, bowls, coffee mugs, and tea cups are all available in 3 different colors: White Sand, Luna, and Azul. As each one is made by hand, every piece is unique and yours may not arrive to your tabletop exactly as the ones pictured. Imperfections are considered distinctive and desirable. Dishwasher safe. All sales on handmade items are final.

Lead time: 1-3 weeks

Note: These are made in small quantities, for a large order please contact us directly


  • OBIDOS Olive + Berry Bowl, Mini: 5.5”DIA x 1.75”H

  • LISBON Dinner Plate: 10”DIA x 1”H

  • LAGOS Salad Plate: 8” DIA x 1”H

  • AZORES Pasta Bowl: 9.5”DIA x 2.5”H

  • BELEM Cereal Bowl: 7”DIA x 2.5”H

  • CASCAIS Oval Plate, Small: 6.5” x 8.75”

  • CASCAIS Oval Plate, Large: 8.5” x 12”

  • SINTRA Tea Cup: 6oz.

  • PORTO Coffee Mug: 12oz.


  • WHITE SAND: somewhere between the purest of white and the darkest of sand, this neutral warms any home to feel like a home that’s connected with nature; matte glazing

  • AZUL: deep muted ocean blue; gloss glazing

  • LUNA: light blue with a warm gray undertone, reminiscent of moonlight reflecting off the ocean’s horizon; gloss glazing