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Pinky Lion Rug

Bring some cheer to your room with this beautifully handmade Pinky Lion Rug Large.

The Pinky Lion Rug is part of Doing Goods' Tapis Amis Rugs collection, a quirky range of lovable loonies from the animal kingdom that will make you smile every time.

This rug is handmade in India from 100% wool, with a cotton backing. Due to the handcrafted nature of these items, expect slight variation in the appearance of each rug. Perfect by no means, but unique all the more!


    • DIMENSIONS: 61"W x 38.5"D x 1"H
    • COLOR: White, Lilac and Brass
    • FINISH/MATERIALS: Cotton, Wool
    • PRODUCT ORIGIN:  India
    • LEAD TIME: 5-7 Days
    • CARE: A little shedding is a normal process that occurs with natural fiber rugs; it should subside after a few vacuum cleanings. With small stains, clean by hand with lukewarm water.
    • PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the handcrafted nature of this item, expect a slight variation in the appearance of each rug.